Colour-blind? There’s an app for that


A security researcher Dan Kaminsky has created an augmented reality app ‘DanKam’ in his spare time to compensate for colour-blindness.

Available for the iPhone and Android, DanKam uses several unique and configurable filters to images and video to enhance the difference between colours, making them visible to the colour-blind.

The app, which costs £1.79, can be applied to the iPhone’s camera, an image in the photo library or a range of built-in images to help in the calibration process.

Users can adjust saturation options and tweak the white balance to suit different types of light.

Kaminsky lists some of the early comments from users on his blog.

“Thank you so much for this app. It’s like an early Christmas present!”, Patrick Gerrity wrote.

“I, too, am a colour-blind Designer/Webmaster type with long-ago-dashed pilot dreams. I saw the story on Boing Boing, and immediately downloaded the app. My rods and cones are high-fiving each other.”

Read more about the app on Kaminsky’s blog.

DanKam preview on iTunes

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